Truck Body Rollers

Carpin offers truck body door rollers ranging in axle length from 1" to 2" and axle diameters of 3/16" and 1/4". These axles are made from high grade steel and zinc plated, and equipped with knurls and rings that provide secure attachment to extruded holes in door panels. Wheels are available in various sizes and colors to meet the demanding requirements of automotive OEMs and truck refurbishers.



Shown below are some common configurations:


Truck Body Door Rollers


Rollers are made from high grade steel axles with various knurls and rings for attachment to the door extrusion. Wheels are made if impact modified nylon to resist damage from impact and for long life.


Custom colors are available upon request.

All axles are zinc plated.

Truck Body Door Rollers

axle length (B)

axle diameter (A)











wheels are available in various sizes and designs for OEM and truck refurbishers

Call with your requirements

In addition to the standard configurations shown above, Carpin can customize a solution to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us today to learn more.



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