Various Tools

Various Carpin tools which are used to remove or install glides and products.



Pry Bar Glide Removal Tool


Fashioned from a pry bar but specially designed and machined to remove marquis style glides from the tubing. 
The pry bar uncurls the rivet, making the remaining glide pieces easily removable. The clip remains in the tube but the new glide can be easily installed over the old clip.


Link here for Marquis Style School Glides page

Pry Bar Glide Removal Tool

Solo Glide Removal Tool


Perfectly designed for removing solo glide bases from the glide.  This makes replacing worn or dirty bases extremely easy and renews old glides as if they were brand new.


Link here for Solo Glide page

Solo Glide Removal Tool

Quick-Snap Cap Install Tool


Specially shaped pliers which hold, squeeze and snap the two halves of the Quick-snap cap around an old or worn glide, making installation quick and easy.


Link here for Quick Snap Cap page

Quick-Snap Cap Install Tool

In addition to the various shapes and configurations shown above, Carpin can customize a solution to meet your specific application requirements. Please contact us today to learn more.



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