The Carpin Advantage



Carpin Manufacturing is the industry leader in floor protection products, manufactured using metal stamping, plastic injection-molding, cold forging and several other manufacturing disciplines.


What sets Carpin apart? Our deep dedication to customer service.


We continually strive to provide customers with the ultimate in personal service, developing lasting relationships that empower us to work as a team, to think proactively and creatively instead of simply reacting to surface level requests.


Knowing just how critical personal service is to our success, we continue to refine and improve our quality systems to better serve our customers. In the process, we have established one of the most impressive quality control departments in the floor protection industry, including the enhanced use of graphics, SPC and other metrics to deliver high levels of product quality and reliable product delivery.


Today's economic climate also demands highly cost-effective solutions. So we must think creatively to find ways to add value into every product solution. At the heart of Carpin's creativity is a team of highly trained engineers; seasoned professionals who remain deeply involved in every project. Our engineers review customer supplied drawings for possible process improvements, to provide expert consultation with new product designs, and to continually seek out ways to maximize the value delivered by Carpin's vast manufacturing expertise.


designer working on cad blueprintOur engineers intuitively look to follow the most intelligent path to manufacturing with solutions that deliver unmatched quality and reliability. They also make it their job to streamline production processes whenever possible in order to reduce costs wherever possible.


Our engineers use Pro/ENGINEER software from Parametric Technology, a highly advanced solid modeling software platform that allows even the most complex designs and concepts to be visually displayed to assist in intelligent product engineering.


Carpin's highly experienced engineers also posses advanced technical knowledge that allows them to quickly design and build all the in-house tooling required for stamping, injection molding, and assembly.


The Carpin advantage extends beyond engineering to encompass a team-oriented approach in which every employee takes ownership pride and responsibility to accomplish both individual and team goals. The strength of this empowering approach is reflected in very low employee turnover, as many key employees having worked together for nearly 20 years to provide outstanding customer service.


Ultimately, the Carpin advantage is our people.



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