Specialty Glides and Levelers

Adjustable Glides with
Carpet Gripper Base


These adjustable glides have a specialized base made of nylon that has carpet gripper geometry integrated into the design. These glides can be used on a hard floor surface like a normal glide, but also on a carpet. When used on carpet, the carpet gripper function will resist movement of the attached furniture.


Adjustable Glide with Carpet Gripper Base
Adjustable Glides with Long Carpet Gripper Base

All Metal Adjustable Glide


These glides are constructed entirely of
high quality steel and offer extraordinary strength and conductivity where required.


All Metal Adjustable Glide-CNC Machined
All Metal Adjustable Glides with Round Base
All Metal Adjustable Glides with Hex Base

Telescoping Adjustable Glides


These specialty glides have interlocking nuts that provide more adjustment than is typical for the collapsed height. Some have spring loaded telescoping shields that conceal the threads regardless of what level of adjustment the glide is in.


Telescoping Adjustable Glide with Spring Loaded Shroud
Telescoping Adjustable Glides

Designer Style Adjustable Glides


Shown here are various custom shapes and sizes to match the specifications of leading furniture designers.


Designer Style Adjustable Glide-Clover Leaf Shape
Designer Style Adjustable Glide with Decorative Ribbed Edge
Designer Style Adjustable Glides with Large Footprint
Designer Style Adjustable Glide with Small Footprint

In addition to the various shapes and configurations shown above, Carpin can customize a solution to meet your specific application requirements. Please contact us today to learn more.



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