Floor Saver Glide® Base

Unique shape and material helps prevent VCT tile floors from being damaged


A common maintenance concern is scratching and marring of VCT tile floors caused by dirt build-up, with incorrectly designed chair glides exacerbating the problem.


The patented Floor Saver Glide® base was uniquely designed to push dirt and sand out of the path of a moving chair glide.



Floor Saver Glide Bases

By contrast, standard chair glide bases tend to pick up dirt and grit and then allow it to be ground into relatively soft VCT tile surfaces. By simply moving dirt away from the glide base, the Floor Saver Glide serves to protect and preserve the VCT tile floor while reducing the need for weekly floor maintenance.

The patented Floor Saver Glide base is manufactured from a special non-marring material that slides over VCT tile floors better than nylon, steel, felt, or tennis balls.


Even if VCT tile floors are cleaned and waxed in accordance with flooring manufacturer requirements, abrasive sand and dirt can become embedded in nylon base glides, potentially damaging the tile floors.


Steel base glides tend to scratch and mark floors, causing permanent damage and ugly black streaks. Felt glides or tennis balls can provide a short-term solution, but as the felt material compresses and hardens, sand and dirt can become embedded in the material, causing abrasive damage to VCT tiles.


In an era of tight maintenance budgets, meticulous and time-consuming weekly floor maintenance is becoming less practical. The Floor Saver Glide base effectively reduces maintenance budgets without risk of damage to VCT tile floors, thus allowing maintenance personnel to allocate valuable time and resources to other maintenance projects.




The Floor Saver Glide® base is ideal for as standard OEM equipment for new classroom chairs or can be ordered as a a snap-on cap that installs easily over any existing school glide to provide long-lasting protection.


Discover how the patented Floor Saver Glide base can extend the life of your VCT tile floors by contacting Carpin today. To purchase a Floor Saver Glide online, visit Floorsaverglide.com.


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