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Colorful plastic polymer granulesCarpin Manufacturing has extensive in-house capabilities for precision quality plastic injection molding across a wide range of product sizes. We utilize a wide range of materials in numerous colors. The plastic materials we commonly work with include PA, PE, PP, PC, ABS, TPR, PVC and other specialty plastics.


We can manufacture a wide range of injection molded components varying in complexity from simple split molds to complex multi-plate molds. To simplify this process, we maintain hundreds of standard injection molding dies, and have extensive in-house tooling and die making capabilities to produce plastic injection molding products quickly and cost effectively.


injection molding machineIn addition to a full line of standard off-the-shelf injection molded components used in various floor protection applications, we also custom design and manufacture plastic injection molded products in virtually any material or any color, with PSI specifications ranging from 30 to 220 tons. Carpin also performs insert molding, with secondary plastic or metal components embedded into the primary injection molding part.


Our experienced engineers are ready to provide you with expert support throughout all stages of product design and development. They will stay continuously involved in the project to ensure that our injection molded parts will meet and exceed your performance requirements.


In addition to in-house injection molding manufacturing capabilities, we also offer dedicated global sourcing capabilities to import highly economical solutions that are especially beneficial for large production runs. All globally sources products are made to the exact same specifications as our American made products, with dedicated personnel on the ground in Asia closely managing all phases of pre-production planning, manufacturing, quality assurance, and logistics.


Contact us today to discuss how Carpin can assist you in producing superior quality injection-molded parts at the lowest possible cost.



Non-Custom Plastic TPR Shoe Orthotics

Non-Custom Orthotics


A foot specialist designed a series of non-custom orthotics that could be injection molded. Carpin provides all of the engineering, modeling, tooling design and orthotic production to make the project a success.

Decorative Panel System Foot

Designer Panel System Base Feet


A furniture designer for a top furniture manufacturer designed the exotic decorative shape and Carpin took the concept and turned it into functional leveling feet for a high end panel system.





Round Table Leg Hinge

Collapsible Table Leg Hinge


For a collapsible table manufacturer, a spring loaded hinge mechanism provided the desired strength and the mechanism to lock the leg in the upright and collapsed positions. Carpin assisted with the design and mold development and injection molded the production.




Chair Shell Attachment Brackets

Base Attachment Bracket


A structural attachment bracket needed to be made from the precise combination of impact modified nylon and glass fibers to provide the resiliency to pass an industry standard BIFMA test.



Banquet Chair Handles

Chair Handles


A banquet chair manufacturer needed a custom handle that would fit between the upholstered back of their chair. Carpin was instrumental in the design, developed the tooling and produced the handles, which required very specific sizing for optimal chair assembly.

Plastic Clamp Straps

Plastic Clamp Straps


A structural accessory holder needed to be strong enough to attach to other hardware items and flexible enough to bend around an anchoring pole. Carpin assisted with the product design and development, then designed the mold and provided the injection molded product.




Bunk Bed Connectors

Bed Connectors


An institutional bed manufacturer wanted interlocking glides and post covers so that beds could be easily reconfigured in an institutional setting. The parts needed to fit the tubing without being able to be removed and they needed to lock together. Carpin produced the design and tooling and manufactures the components.



Panel System Swivel Connector
Panel System Caster Sockets
Panel System Grommet and Cover

Panel System and Table Parts


A top office furniture manufacturer designed a new panel system with matching work surfaces. They enlisted Carpin to help with the design, development, tooling and production of almost a dozen custom items, each with its own material and functional requirements, and production design considerations.


In addition to the custom designed products shown above, Carpin can customize a solution to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us today to learn more.



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