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Custom Engineering and Rapid Prototyping


designing mechanical partsIn addition to supplying thousands of standard products, Carpin can custom design and manufacture virtually any part or product to your exact specifications using a combination of metal stamping, and injection molding, including assembled product that combine multiple operations.


Challenging custom engineered applications provide a welcome opportunity for our experienced engineering staff to demonstrate their ingenuity and creativity to solve complex challenges.


Our engineering department has vast experience in transforming complex designs all the way from concept to reality, often in a matter of days.


Our skilled engineers stay personally involved in every step of the way from designing custom products to streamlining production processes to maximize cost savings. Our engineering group uses Pro/Engineer solid modeling systems in designing virtually all product and tooling. This advanced software enables highly complex product and tooling designs to be engineered and deployed quickly and efficiently.


Carpin also offers rapid prototyping and modeling using 3D printers, allowing our engineers and our customers to touch and feel life-size replicas of finished products prior to manufacturing, thus enabling more accurate and timely product refinements.


Contact us today to learn more about our custom engineering and rapid prototyping capabilities and to discuss your immediate project requirements.




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