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CAD/CAM Design and Tooling

industrial metalworking cutting process by milling cutterWhile in many instances customers supply us with technical renderings and specifications to follow, we also offer complete CAD/CAM design services to develop custom-designed products using a combination of metal stamping and plastic injection molding.


Our experienced team of engineers can provide you with robust technical support. To assist in this process, our engineers use Pro/Engineer solid modeling software to assist in creating lifelike 3-D models that aid in product design and tool building.


This advanced software suite provides intuitive and visual roadmaps that accurately display products and tooling with dimensional accuracy, thus allowing complex designs to be engineered and manufactured more quickly and efficiently.


In addition to Pro/Engineers software, Carpin’s engineering team also utilizes 3D printers for rapid prototyping that benefits our engineers and customers, as 3D printing provides a highly cost-effective way to produce actual size replicas that lead to more intelligent decision-making when refining final product designs.


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