Why Carpin Manufacturing?


Carpin manufacturing is the industry's leader in customer service striving constantly to provide our customers with the ultimate in personal service and to develop lasting relationships. This gives us the ability to act rather than react regarding problems that occur every day in our customers' businesses. Knowing fully how valuable our customers are, we are continually redesigning and researching to be able to provide better economics and products.

Carpin has one of the most impressive quality control departments in the industry. Gages, meters, graphics and SPC all play their roles in assuring you the finest quality available.

Carpin's highly trained engineers are at the heart of Carpin's creativity. Our skilled Engineering Group is involved in every step of our operation, from designing new products to streamlining our production processes. Our engineers use Parametric Technology's Pro/ENGINEER software in the design of all product and tooling. This solid modeling system allows even the most complex designs and concepts to be engineered very expediently and accurately. Our advanced technical knowledge allows us not only to design, but also build all of our own assembly, stamping and injection molding tools. We are experts in designing and reengineering glides and other furniture products. We are always a step ahead of the rest.