Retractable Walker Tip

This patented innovation has enhanced the lifestyle of thousands of people who utilize assisted walking devices.  The Retractable Walker Tip replaces the rear or both front and rear feet on the walker and eliminates the struggling and potential danger that so many people face when having to slide their walker across the floor.  Typically, when pushing the walker, the rubber feet drag along the ground creating a choppy, shaky and difficult situation and requires a great deal of extra effort to get around.  The Retractable Walker Tip replaces those rubber feet and provides a rugged and durable hard plastic surface which easily slides along the ground.  The user can effortlessly glide the walker across virtually any surface without struggle or strain.  Then, when the user puts his or her weight on the walker, the plastic gliders retract inside the walker and the rubber feet touch the ground providing stability while the walker is supporting the user.  Once the weight is released, the walker is free to glide across the floor.

Retractable Walker Tip Walker Tip, Industrial Caster Walker Tip, Glide

Fits 1-1/8" Diameter Standard Walker Legs
U.S. Patent # 5,810,038

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Crutch Silencers


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