Manufacturing Capabilities


Metal Stamping- Progressive and Eyelet

We have extensive metal stamping expertise whether it be progressive or eyelet. We are experienced in all types of materials with an extensive background in drawn metal shells and complex metal applications. We can assist you in designing shells with different diameters, various markings, side piercings, slants, beaded threads and special markings. Carpin's advanced knowledge allows us to not only design and build all our high speed tools, but to often eliminate the need for secondary operations.


Injection Molding

Our injection molding capabilities cover a wide range of product sizes and virtually any material or color.  We offer a wide range of plastic components varying in complexity from simple split molds to complex multi-plate molds.  Aside from our standard offerings, we can work with you to develop a custom solution to meet your needs.


Precision Assembly

If neither a single plastic or metal part can satisfy your requirements, we can assemble any number of plastic and metal components to create a complex application to meet your specific needs. Millions of assemblies and sub-assemblies pass through our facility each year and each one brings together our talents from engineering, progressive, eyelet, and injection molding.