Tube Closures

Metal and Plastic Tube Closures for all applications

Thank you for viewing our on-line product catalog. We supply many types of tube closures: metal round and square, in a variety of styles and for light and heavy duty applications as well as a full array of plastic tube closures in a variety of colors, shapes and materials.  Below are links to individual product pages.  If you do not see it here please call or e-mail us and our customer service team will help you find the right tube closure for your application. Our minimum order quantity is usually 100 or 1000 pieces depending on the product.

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Tube closures and hole plugs
Metal Tube Closures & Hole Plugs
Round and Square

Metal tube closures finish off the end of tubing for cosmetic or functional applications in furniture, shelving, or any tubular application.
Plastic tube closures, furniture
Plastic Tube Closures
Round and Square

Plastic tube closures come in a wide variety of shapes and colors to simply close off the end of a tube or to perform as a functioning table or chair furniture glide.

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