Furniture Casters, Industrial Casters, Health Care Casters and more...

Thank you for viewing our on-line product catalog. We supply many types of casters: furniture casters, sometimes referred to as twin wheel casters for office furniture as well as industrial casters for all applications.  Below are links to individual product pages.  If you don't see it here, please call us to discuss your needs. Our minimum order quantity is usually 100 pieces depending on the product.

Casters, Office Furniture Casters for office chairs

Office Furniture Casters

Twin Wheel Casters

These classic casters are widely used on all types of furniture including office chairs, filing cabinets, and carts.  These are the most commonly used casters on office chairs and can have hard or soft wheels.  These casters are available with or without hoods as well as in a variety of collar styles and sizes and satisfy BIFMA requirements.
Casters, Industrial Casters

Industrial Casters

Single Wheel Casters

For more rugged, industrial applications these single wheel industrial casters are available in various styles and sizes to support your specific application.
  These casters are available in rigid and swivel models and in a variety of wheels.
Casters for Health Care or Medical use
Health Care Casters
Brake and Non-brake

High quality, industrial casters for medical equipment or institutional use, including hospital bed casters, casters for IV stands, casters for medical carts, and compliant with NSF standards.
Casters for Specialty Furniture Casters
Specialty Casters
Special and custom designs

Where you need a special look, custom design or special application such as anti-static or compression brake casters. Or for a totally different look we can design and build virtually any custom caster for your needs.
These also serve many special functions such as satisfying ESD (electrostatic discharge) requirements or providing alternative braking options like sit-brake casters that brake when a user sits in the chair or up-brake casters that brake when unloaded.
Casters replacement Bell Glides for office furniture
Bell Glides

In place of standard office casters these glides offer a non-rolling alternative without requiring changes in mounting height.  Many of these match the standard heights of typical chair casters, so that by replacing the casters with these bell glides you do not have to alter the height of the chair.
Caster Sockets for furniture casters
Caster Sockets
Plastic and Metal

 We have a variety of caster sockets to attach any caster or bell glide to any furniture application.   Whether the application is a wood frame, tubular frame, or for chair and table legs we have the right sockets.

View our Caster Selection Guide for office furniture casters- information on various caster styles and options.

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